Gene Taylor, Republican for Congress in 2014

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April 17, 2014

Congressman Steven Palazzo
Palazzo for Congress
2210 Pass Road, Unit C
Gulfport, MS 39501

Subject: A Debate for the Citizens of Mississippi’s 4th Congressional District

Dear Congressman Palazzo:

I have publicly signaled both my desire and willingness to participate in a debate with you to give the voters a better understanding of the choice they face in the June 3rd Primary election. Additionally, WLOX, along with other entities, have shown a willingness to host the debate.

As of this date, you have not indicated a response to this invitation to debate, whether negative or affirmative. It is also my understanding that you have declined to take part in the Coast Young Professionals forum with the other candidates and me. Therefore, please let this letter serve as my official debate challenge.

During your terms as Congressman you have been unwilling to hold town-hall meetings; your constituents have been unable to get answers from you on the issues that impact them. You also show an unwillingness to take part in frequent press availabilities, either within the district or in Washington, which has further shown the voters and the press that you are either unable or unwilling to defend your record. The people of South Mississippi deserve a congressman who is not afraid to defend his record to the

While I am aware that you have declined to participate in debates in previous campaigns, it is my sincere hope that you will take this opportunity to participate in one of America’s greatest forums – a political debate between all candidates, providing answers to the questions and issues of the people they are seeking to represent.

Anytime, anywhere – the sooner the better.


Gene Taylor


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I am Gene Taylor.
I am here to introduce myself to you as a Republican and candidate for U.S. Congress.
For better than 20 years, I’ve had the great privilege of representing South Mississippi in Congress. On the day I was first sworn in to Congress in October of 1989, in my very first floor speech to my colleagues I said,

“I want to work with you to make our a nation one that lives within its means, a nation that respects all human, including the unborn, a nation that honors its veterans and senior citizens, the generations
that made this nation great, and a nation that is not afraid to say

I have stayed true to those principles and voted for balanced budget amendment, voted to protect your right to bear arms and to respect life ALL the time. At the time I was first elected, almost all members of Congress from the South were conservative Democrats.
Over time the National Democratic Party left us.  My change to the Republican Party reflects these values and principles I have always held dear.

I am here to ask for your vote and to pledge my unwavering dedication to you, to South Mississippi and our Nation, as a proud member of the Republican Party.


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A scheduled event on the calendar


Meet and Greet with Gene Taylor

Walthall Center in Histroic Downtown Hattiesburg

601 Court St
Hattiesburg, MS


Wednesday May 28

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